Help manage security risks with strategies that balance lifestyle, privacy + convenience

Wealth and prominence attract attention. Yet many individuals of means neglect to take even basic steps to protect themselves and their families. Having your clients, their family members and various support teams follow best practices in security and safety can actually preserve their freedoms, protect their privacy and enhance their lifestyle.

Travel Risk Management

  • Immediate response when a crisis confronts your family anywhere in the world. Our experts quickly mobilize critical resources and key relationships to hasten and coordinate rescue, recovery and return
  • Intelligence briefs to support pre-travel planning and mid-trip itinerary changes
  • Oversight of international security and chauffeur services
  • Consideration to special protections for minors and enhanced security during travel

Family Emergency Planning

Development of a family emergency plan aligned with risks ranging from pandemic to severe weather events to an act of violence in your neighborhood. Can address special protections for minors, travel security, and security for private residences, yachts, planes, vehicles, art and jewelry, including shelter-in-place, evacuation plans and emergency supply lists.

Social Media Footprint + Open Source Intelligence

A professional search of open sources to identify any concerning information, including misuse or compromise of the family’s email addresses. Findings requiring immediate action are conveyed upon discovery. The final report includes an explanation of all findings and recommendations on mitigating the risks. As cybersecurity experts and specialists, we provide critical and discretionary mitigation strategies for the internal and external threats discovered, as well as potential behaviors that put the family security at risk.